What makes us so special? - Proprietary Technology

Buttery Smooth Electrostatic Coating Finish

From patented parts to industrial technology. No one makes a shutter quite like we do!

Our exclusive Louver Connector eliminates that age old complaint of "broken" louvers - staples that pull out. Everyone with shutters has had this problem. Not any more!

Our proprietary manufacturing and coating processes create the industry's finest, most lustrous finish - a buttery smooth coating.

Discrete Hidden Metal Magnets eliminate broken plastic kitchen cabinet style magnets - we ensure your shutters will stay closed forever.

Rabbeted inner panel hinges are stronger and eliminate unobtrusive swagged hinges visible outside from the street.

Industrial equipment ensures consistent premium quality from panel to panel and from shutter to shutter throughout your home.

Knotty Shutter Lustrous Finish
Patented Shutter Louver Connector Staple Part

Typical Industry Production Techniques

  • Small business owner
  • Less than 5 employees
  • Very low overhead
  • Lack of profits forces substandard work environments
  • Employee does multiple steps within production
  • Owner is responsible for Sales, Production, HR, Purchasing, Accounting
  • Inconsistent Sales volume hurts production times and consistency

Typical shutter shop using outdoor area due to lack of money

Typical shutter shop without proper spray booth Contaminated open air Spray Booth without proper ventilation to outside

Inconsistent processes, contaminated environments, single step production guarantees inferior quality product.

Feel the Difference

Typical Smooth Shutter

Typical Shutter Louver Finish


Electrostatic Finish

Electrostatic Shutter Louver Finish - Buttery Smooth


Proprietary Industrial Technology

From 13 head sanders to our exclusive Electrostatic finishing line, our industrial process ensures glass smooth consistency from panel to panel and shutter to shutter. Heirloom quality craftsmanship is literally built-in to our engineered manufacturing processes. Our industrial technique creates reptitive quality.

Exclusive Electrostatic coating produces much thicker coatings without running or sagging. It will have fewer differences in appearance from profile to profile. Multiple coats can be applied in relatively quick succession, oven cured between coating to flow the finish and ensure uniformity and consistency. A high specification coating which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough is inherently buttery smooth and homogenously consistent.

Industrial Electrostatic Coating finishing line Electrostatic Coating close up Custom Paint line

Electrostatic coating line ensures buttery smooth homogenously consistent finish

Proprietary Components

Patented parts remedy age old industry problems. Staples that affix the Tilt bar to the louver is been a shutters weak link. Our Louver Connector eliminates breaking or staple failure. Our part is designed link a ring-shank nail or barbed to create a mechanical contact with the louver and tilt bar. It is a part designed specifically for this tilting function. It is not a micro-penny part adapted to patch together an otherwise quality product.

Embedded discrete all metal magnets ensure longevity and won't fail or break like exposed plastic "box' magnets (kitchen cabinet magnets). Not only is the discrete magnet unobtrusive as it is not visible from outside the home, it is a stronger component.

Rabbeted inner panel hinges wrap around or follow the rabbeted shape to ensure uniform clearance and unobtrusive visuals from outside your home.

Patented Louver Connector

Patented Louver Connector

Embedded Discrete all metal Shutter Magnets

Discrete all Metal Magnet

Rabbeted Inner Panel Shutter Hinge

Rabbeted Inner Panel Hinge

Nobody Compares to Our Finish

Electrostatic Coating concept diagram

Electrostatic finishing is used by the high-end automotive, music instrument, and exclusive high-end furniture industries. A fogging process completely encapsulates the entire shutter so that every surface is evenly coated - like powder coating for wood. .