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Sliding Bypass Shutters on Arcadia Glass Door

It's no secret that we all aspire to have shutters on our windows. There is nothing warmer or more elegant for a custom window treatment.

Because Shutters enhance the lasting architectural quality of windows, adding Wood Shutters can actually increase the value of your home. They're also a smart choice for light control, energy efficiency and noise insulation.

Since the louvers operate by the tiltbar, not cords, Wood Shutters are also extra safe for homes with small children. There is a style for every window size, shape and/or configuration, including 2 ˝” louver, 3 ˝” louver and 4 ˝” louver.

Custom Horizontal Louvered Arch Shutter

Timber Ridge Knotty Arch Shutter

Form & Shape

Custom Wood Shutters can be constructed in a variety of shapes. Architectural Shaped shutters require the attention of ther most experienced and skilled craftsman. Whether you have triangle windows, oval windows or arch top windows, the best artisans welcome the challenge of mastering even the most unique architectural appointments for your windows.

Each custom shaped Wood Shutter is individually designed and meticulously crafted to the most pleasing proportions for your window shape and size. The dedication to the details means the custom shutter you receive will be a beautiful, functional complement to your architectural shaped window. And because the finest of shutters are crafted of Basswood , you can be confident you are investing in a plantation shutter that will last a lifetime.


Café Wood Shutters are also called Half height shutters. This term is used to describe Wood Shutters which cover just the lower section of the window, but leaves the top section open. This design is often used where you wish to retain maximum light entering the room through the upper portion of the window.

Double hung Wood Shutters have shutter panels divided horizontally, thus giving you the option of leaving the lower portion of shutter panels in position while swinging open the upper section of panels. This creates the same sort of privacy offered by half height Wood Shutters, can offer the same amount of ambient light through the top section of the window, but its more versatile with its options.

Generally double hung panels, as they are opened often, are best made with narrow panels, which ‘bi-fold’ onto each other – that way, they take up less space around the window. If you opt for this design but end up leaving the shutter panels closed over most of the time, it’s a bad design as you end up with lots of vertical solid sections of wood.

Full height Wood Shutters are the most popular design of plantation Wood Shutters. While each home is different and everyone’s’ reasons for buying Wood Shutters unique, it is generally true that most customers buying plantation Wood Shutters end up leaving the Wood Shutters panels closed and only adjust the louvers for control of light into the room.

Generally, going for Wood Shutters with wider panels will allow maximum light into the room (unless, of course, you want to deflect the light – in which case you just angle the louvers). Wider panels means you have fewer vertical wood divides or stiles, which in turn allows more light into the room and visually, creates a much ‘less busy’ look.

You can choose your full height Wood Shutters to be made with horizontal mid rail or Divider Rail, full run of slats, or a split tilt bar.

Mid or Divider Rail
Sectioned or Split Tilt Bar

Saloon Swinging Door Wood Shutters

Add some spice to a doorway in your home with a swinging saloon shutter door. Saloon Swinging Door Shutters are generally a pair of panels that partially fill an opening. They are hinged to open in or out of the doorway opening. They typically do not fill the entire opening and offer a glimpse beyond the doorway. Our unique self-centering brackets allow a “hands free” operation for opening without using your hands.

Sometimes that wide open doorway needs to be covered for privacy or light control. An early riser may be interrupting their partner’s sleep with the bathroom light. A privacy or saloon door will help minimize light or darken the room. Messy rooms can be camouflaged with a swinging saloon shutter door.

Saloon Swinging Door Shutter Saloon Swinging Door Shutter and Pass Thru Shutter Saloon Swinging Door Shutter and Pass Thru Shutter

Nothing Compares to Wood

141 degrees behind closed shutter in Phoenix - 101 outside

The beauty of wood is undisputed. Timeless classic styling has withstood the test of time and Basswood continues to be the most commonly used material for shutters! Exciting new styles offer unprecedented character and details.