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Craig Robinson photo has been supplying custom window treatments to the marketplace since opening in 2006. Our unique shutter was in such high demand that it was difficult initially to keep up with growth. During our first year we supplied over 100,000 square feet of our shutters to our customers. We have seen increased demand ever since.

Our commitment to a small financial footprint within our distribution channel has created the unique opportunity for unprecedented value. Our dedication to wood materials allows our certified wood factory to purchase far enough in advance of our needs to keep our costs low - low enough to surprise most of our customers with our exceptional quality.

"In fact, our biggest challenge to date has been overcoming skeptical customers thinking our price is so low there is no way we can be delivering this kind of quality product & service."

Six years of unbelievable demand and closing quickly on 1,000,000 square feet of shutters delivered to our customers!

Supply Partners - Finishing

Electrostatic shutter coating equipment line

Our incredible finish is owed to such a unique technology company. This proprietary finish was years in painstaking development. Industrialized systems, state of the art automated equipment, commitment to the finest quality components yields such consistent buttery smooth quality finishes.

This technology is so supreme that the highend automotive industry utilizes it too! The pinnacle quality furniture trade too. As does the guitar and fine instrument industry. You've experienced running your hand over the glass smooth surface of a beautiful violin, watching a magician tickle the ivorys of stunning piano, losing yourself in the luxury of a fine italian sports car. All of these luxurious finishes are crafted with the same exceptional coating as our shutters - there is no finer shutter at any price!

Supply Partners - Wood

Automated Optical cutting machine - optimizes yield based on optical reading of wood profiles

Our quality begins with the finest quality wood for the shutter industry - Basswood! We begin controlling our FSC certified quality and costs in the managed forest all the way through to your home. We are respectful of our forests. We recognize and follow through on our duty to plant more than we cut. As a matter of fact, our forests are larger today than they were 10 years ago.

Our Opticut "sees" the wood board and cuts it to generate the best yield. Not only does this save you money, it makes our shutter consistently higher quality, saves time in crafting your shutter, and minimzes waste from our precious forests.

Our equipment is the best bar none. Our systems are industrialized for consistent repetive quality. From our 13 headed profile sander to our Opticut 450, most processes are automated.

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